Bernette 610D


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Simple threading

The threading system of the bernette 610D underscores how this machine is designed for maximum serging ease. The 610D’s looper cover flips open for easy access to the threading paths. Color-coded pathways make threading a breeze, letting you master the process without any prior knowledge, and without consulting a manual. This handy feature – by no means available in all sergers – enables you to experience success, rather than frustration, from the get-go.

Differential feed for pucker-free seams

Fine fabrics and knits have a tendency to pucker or stretch when being sewn. The bernette 610D comes to the rescue here, with a differential feed that can be adjusted with a simple turn of the dial, making puckers history. Each seam is precisely sewn, even in tricky fabrics, yielding a perfect stitch pattern that stands up to comparison with any professional job. Moreover, should you want to deliberately employ gathering effects, the 610D’s differential feed helps here too, letting you infinitely adjust the amount of gather. With the bernette 610D, you and you alone decide whether and how much the fabric is to be gathered!

2-, 3- and 4-thread seams

With bernette, versatility is a keyword. The bernette 610D gives you the freedom and flexibility to employ a wide range of techniques. Your bernette 610D lets you choose between stitches with two, three or four threads, letting you master a host of serging tasks – from two-thread flatlock stitch to neatening and/or sewing together with four threads. Frayed edges are a thing of the past for a wide range of fabrics - from fine stretch fabrics to heavy denims and linens. Suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications, the bernette 610D will give your creative projects a boost.

Easy sewing of heavy fabrics

When it comes to working professionally with heavy materials or thick layers of fabric, your serger must meet the highest demands. With its high needle penetration power and cutting force, the bernette 610D is designed to tackle such tasks with the greatest of ease. A powerful 120W motor ensures that each stitch penetrates through all the fabric layers, and that the knife consistently cuts precise corners, without being deflected from the fabric. The bernette 610D: a powerful precision tool that helps you achieve perfect results in next to no time.

Waste collector included

Convenience is in the details. By collecting fabric and thread scraps in a waste bin, the bernette 610D makes an annoying problem history. Your workspace stays tidy, and the scraps can be disposed of easily once the bin is full. The waste collector is simply clicked onto the looper cover and removed and emptied after sewing – returning everything to shipshape order.

Clear control panel

Even beginners quickly learn their way around the bernette 610D’s clearly laid-out control panel. The four side-by-side controls let you easily keep track of all settings. Thread tension can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly, with color-coded markings helping you make the right choice. Informative symbols under the controls let you see at a glance which thread you’re dealing with, and adjustment is by a simple flick of the dial. One of the most user-friendly sergers on the market, the bernette 610D will wow you with its combination of maximum precision and ease of use.